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Lillian August helps Greenwich residents outfit their homes

25 Jan 2013 10:58 AM
Lillian August helps Greenwich residents outfit their homes

The new year offers a great opportunity for Greenwich residents to re-outfit, remodel or otherwise update their luxury homes. Each year can be viewed as a chance to start fresh and create a new environment for your home. However, once you have decided to begin such a project, you will need the ideal supplies bring your ideas to life.

In many instances, this means finding a respected store with an educated staff to help you pick the perfect items for your home remodeling project. Luckily for Greenwich residents, there is a perfect, renowned establishment of this kind in nearby Norwalk.

Lillian August is one of the most respected names in home furnishings and offers everything an ambitious home re-decorator could need to move his or her project in the right direction. In fact, style-minded Connecticut residents often find that the store serves as a one-stop destination for all their redesign needs.

This isn't surprising, as the store is massive. Occupying 60,000 square feet of a converted factory, Lillian August offers everything from classic pieces to modernist furnishings. Whatever image you have in mind for your home's new look, Lillian August is sure to have the pieces you need to pull it off.

However, it is not just an exhaustive inventory of breathtaking pieces that makes Lillian August the perfect shop for Greenwich residents carrying out design projects. The store also boasts a large group of experienced interior designers who are always happy to suggest new styles and advice. The design team offers a wealth of experience and artistic vision to make sure you find the exact right pieces for your home. Furthermore, they can customize whatever items you choose to make them fit seamlessly into your home's interior environments and suggest the perfect colors and design to transform your house.

If you decide to seek the expert advice from Lillian August's in-house design team, you will be embarking on a unique design-oriented journey. Each consultation starts with a Master Plan that helps identify the critical needs for your home and creates a schedule and scheme to meet them.

Of course, if you trust your own eye, the store's experts will be happy to step back and let you explore the bountiful supply of objects that fill this one-of-a-kind design store.