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Heat up your Greenwich home with these outdoor fire pit ideas

30 May 2013 12:18 PM
Heat up your Greenwich home with these outdoor fire pit ideas

The summer is an especially attractive time of year in Connecticut, and many owners of Greenwich real estate take advantage of this by sprucing up their outdoor environment to let them take advantage of the sun-drenched days and pleasant evenings. Some homeowners plant colorful flower gardens, while others add class to their pool patios.

However, if your goal is to make a perfect place for entertaining or whiling away leisurely evenings, there may be no better way to go than to add a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. These features provide warmth, beauty and functionality to any outdoor environment. Whatever you're looking for - a place for dinner parties, late-night drinks or solo stargazing - fire pits can be the perfect addition to your Greenwich home.

Here are two ideas for adding fire to your Greenwich property so that you can best take advantage of the summer.

Create an outdoor living room
When some homeowners decide to add a fire feature to their outdoor environment, they decide to go relatively simple- such as setting up folding chairs around a fire pit. However, some more creative residents opt for a more involved solution.

According to Houzz, building a built-in fire place and designing a semi-permanent room to take advantage of it can transform the feeling of an entire home. Such a setup - especially if it includes elegant tables and chairs and other features like large potted plants - can give your a home that not only has more usable space, but also a more interesting design and a more varied feeling. 

The best part of such an option is that these outdoor rooms have an amazingly wide range of uses. According to the source, homeowners use these layouts for everything from classier barbecues to settings for relaxing, post-party drinks.

Flexible solutions
Not all homeowners want such a permanent solution, however. Many people prefer a setup that allows them to use the outdoor environment to suit their particular needs - a small gathering, a large celebration or anything in between. For these people, a more portable fire pit is the perfect option.

Unlike built-in outdoor fireplaces, these features can be moved around and adapted to suit changing needs - often without sacrificing output or elegance.

According to MSN, a large, sculpture-like fireplace is a great way to create a compelling outdoor environment that can still be adapted to different circumstances.