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Giving your Greenwich home an eco-friendly bathroom makeover

3 Dec 2012 9:32 AM
Giving your Greenwich home an eco-friendly bathroom makeover

The demand for environmentally sustainable and green-minded renovations and design projects seems to be reaching a fever pitch. Across the country, millions of homeowners are tackling eco-friendly projects, hoping to give their homes a better sense of harmony with nature. For some, this means installing solar panels on a roof or replacing inefficient windows.

However, some people are working hard to combine a practical renovation with an eco-friendly one. In this light, there is perhaps no room better suited for a green makeover than the bathroom. Not only do bathrooms endure considerably more wear and tear than bedrooms and dining rooms, they can also increase the value and functionality of a house more than almost any other space. On top of that, bathrooms are some of the most energy- and water-dependent rooms in most homes.

This issue is particularly important for owners of luxury homes in Greenwich, where social consciousness and creative designs often go hand in hand. For these residents, finding a project that can contribute to the "greenness" of a home while simultaneously increasing its stylishness and modernity may be the perfect way to kill the proverbial two birds with one stone.

Efficient equipment
Shell Decor, a Greenwich-based interior design company, recommends that residents of the region look to modern bathroom elements to ensure that the renovation stays on the green track. Employing fixtures and faucets with the WaterSense seal - a program started by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to raise awareness for water efficiency - can be an ideal way to combine elegance with virtue.

Fixtures with the WaterSense seal are important for bathroom renovations because they are 20 percent more water efficient than average products, incorporate new technology to help reduce waste and help lower utility bills, according to the EPA. Utilizing these products can help your bathroom operate as efficiently as possible without sacrificing an ounce of style.

Reclaimed pieces
Another way to give your Greenwich home a new bathroom that is both attractive and eco-friendly is to incorporate reclaimed furniture. This way, you are not only helping the environment by using a piece of furniture that may have otherwise been headed for a landfill, but also imbuing the room with a unique feel that is unlikely to be found in any neighboring properties.

However you go about it, remodeling your bathroom to incorporate a balance between style and sustainability is a great way to spice up your Greenwich home.