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Add glass sculptures to your Greenwich garden

30 May 2013 12:19 PM
Add glass sculptures to your Greenwich garden

The improving weather has many homeowners' thoughts turning to their gardens. Whether this means planting vegetables, arranging flowers or getting general landscaping in order, the late spring and early summer is the perfect time for residents to shift their attentions from indoor environments to outdoor ones. 

As part of this process, many Greenwich homeowners try to think of creative ways to make their gardens stand apart from their neighbors'. Structures like gazebos, relaxing water features and unique plants are all common strategies, but a recent garden trend is quickly gaining popularity among everyone from green-thumbed gardeners to recent urban exiles. 

Glass sculptures are perfect for gardens because they add elegance and artistry to a landscape without necessitating any significant investment of time or energy. Furthermore, because so many craftsmen make compelling, one-of-a-kind sculptures, it's easy to find a piece that instantly adds vitality and beauty to a garden.

Here are two tips for breathing life into your garden with fashionable glass sculptures.

Pick a theme
Some energetic gardeners look to quickly and completely overhaul their gardens. While this strategy can revitalize an outdoor environment almost immediately, it can also sometimes result in a pell-mell and haphazard feeling. Instead, Houzz recommends picking a cohesive theme for your garden that incorporates plants, furniture and art work

One easy way to do this is to select a piece - or a series of items - that echoes the natural colors present in your garden. If you have a garden brimming with wild flowers, for example, you would be well-served to pick glass sculptures that also feature bright, natural hues. Have a garden filled with earth-colored plants and vegetables? A simpler, softer assortment likely fits the bill.

Your color palette is just the beginning. The source also recommends picking pieces whose sizes and shapes mimic your outdoor environment. In areas full of tall, winding plants, using vertical sculptures that reach skyward is a great way to create a visually pleasing garden.

Where to look
Once you've decided what you're looking for, it's time to start your search for the perfect piece or pieces. Luckily, this is a relatively easy and painless process. Websites like Etsy make it simple for gardeners to connect with independent artisans and find - or even design - the perfect structure.

However, owners of Greenwich real estate who prefer to look locally for the perfect piece are also in luck. Connecticut is filled with studios, retailers and individuals that make unique, versatile glass sculptures for every type of outdoor environment.