Beverley Toepke

Originally from London, England, Beverley Toepke has ranked consistently among the top 5% of Greenwich realtors. With 19 years of experience in the Greenwich real estate industry, she has developed a broad-based and loyal clientele. Known for her extensive market knowledge, analytical abilities, ties to the community, and strong professional network, Beverley is exceptional at matching buyers and sellers. Additionally, she is an accomplished negotiator who is lauded for her tenacity and scrupulous attention to detail. Because Beverley has lived on three different continents including the United States, she understands the complexities of relocation, locally and abroad.

With a strong European network, Beverley has lived and worked in England, Germany, South Africa and Canada and is fully versant in German. She holds a degree in Physiotherapy from Guy’s Hospital in London and a degree from the New York School of Design. Beverley started her own interior design firm, which she ran successfully for 8 years until moving to Europe.

Beverley is a member of the Greenwich Audubon Center and the Bruce Museum. She is an avid hiker and nature lover, with a passion for gardening.