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The Cape is a great place to be an artist

20 Nov 2012
Cape Cod is known for its abundance of artists and creative residents. In fact, playwrights Tennessee Williams and Eugene O'Neill as well as painters Willem de Kooning and Jackson Pollock have all called the peninsula home at one point or another. Perhaps it is the beautiful seascapes dotted with iconic Cape Cod houses or the private nature of Read More

The state of the housing market on the Cape

8 Nov 2012
Whether for a seaside summer home or a modern year-round residence, Cape Cod remains a popular place to buy a home. The tight-knit community and stunning views make this region a perennial favorite for individuals, couples and families at any stage of life. However, the question remains: is it a good time to buy one of the Cape Cod homes for sale? Read More

The perfect way to complement the Cape's seafood bounty

6 Nov 2012
Cape Cod is known for its fresh, varied seafood. In both winter and summer, it is easy to find delicious fare made from just-caught species including oysters, mussels and, of course, cod. Throughout the Cape, small family-run operations turn out chowders, stews and plenty of other fish-based dishes. Of course, residents of Cape Cod homes know that Read More