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4 upscale pool design trends to wade through

23 Jul 2015 3:49 PM
Natural pools, very popular today, blend into their surroundings so they look like they're meant to be there.

On the back lawns of getaway vacation retreats in the Hamptons, or in ordinary neighborhood venues all along the coasts and everywhere in between, the United States is a nation of swimmers. According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, 10.4 million residential swimming pools dot the country's landscape, especially on luxury real estate properties in warm weather climates.

But in the summertime, it's warm pretty much everywhere, and those who don't have a pool are eager to get one to take a much-needed dip in the drink to cool off or just to wind down.

Swimming pools are a great source for exercise, but they're perhaps equally as sublime for their ambience and upscale essence, practically begging to be used for a high-end summer rendezvous with friends and neighbors. That said, there are more to pools than slabs of concrete and gallons of water for filling. There's also the design to consider, the shape that your aquatic oasis will be that captures the eye and commands attention.

The following are some of the unique luxury pool design trends that are making waves in the world of outdoor decor and design:

1. Knife-edge
Otherwise known as slot-edge or "Lautner," knife-edge pools are appropriately titled, given that they have sharp, straight lines that test the waters of home design and pass with flying colors. Though knife-edge pools aren't new to the pool construction scene, they're ideal for contemporary-style homes because of their tight, geometric patterns that shore up a 21st century style residence.

2. Natural pools
It doesn't get much more "of the earth" than with a pool that looks like it's always been there. Unlike knife-edge pools, which stand out because of their hard-cut borders, natural pools blend in with natural landscapes, frequently flanked by grass, a bubbling brook or boulders of varying shapes, sizes and colors. Designers say that they're best installed on properties that have a more colonial, old-home feel rather than contemporary.

3. Glass tile
You typically see tile, especially the glossy kind, on the walls of bathrooms, dressing up elegant bathtubs, both freestanding and otherwise. But glass tiles are every bit as upscale for the pool place as the bathroom, lending an ethereal quality to the warm waters that glimmers in the moonlight.

4. LED lighting
It's out with the old and in with the new when it comes to lighting, as LEDs are fast replacing incandescent, both for the brilliant light they provide and enhanced efficiency, lasting hours upon hours longer than a standard bulb. Whoever had the bright idea of bringing LEDs to the pool really had a genius idea, as the LEDs illuminate the pool's expanse from underneath, making it glow with iridescent beauty.

These are just a handful of the luxury designs you can find with today's pools. Houzz.com has literally hundreds of thousands of photographs that will drown out the notion that your selections were few.