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Is Cape Cod an ideal place to retire?

29 Aug 2012
While Cape Cod serves as a summer resort for many Bay Staters, the area may become a popular place for retirees. According to The Boston Globe, real estate prices have dropped dramatically over the last seven years, which has made it possible for many homebuyers to consider retirement properties in the area. "We see prices on the Cape are low Read More

Experience a Cape Cod whale watch

20 Aug 2012
A whale watch is a fun-filled experience for aquatic travelers of all ages, as the journey offers a glimpse at a variety of underwater life. A trip through the waters of Cape Cod gives people the chance to take one of these adventures - a beautiful way to enjoy the summer weather in this area. Dolphins, finback whales and humpback whales are just Read More

How to give a Cape Cod home an interior makeover

8 Aug 2012
Owners of Cape Cod homes might consider giving their properties interior makeovers. Whether it's minor alterations or major renovations, homeowners can use a variety of techniques to enhance the visual appearance inside their houses. For example, New England resident Wendy Meredith told Southern Living that she and her husband purchased a Cape Read More