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Is Cape Cod an ideal place to retire?

29 Aug 2012 12:43 PM
Is Cape Cod an ideal place to retire?

While Cape Cod serves as a summer resort for many Bay Staters, the area may become a popular place for retirees. According to The Boston Globe, real estate prices have dropped dramatically over the last seven years, which has made it possible for many homebuyers to consider retirement properties in the area.

"We see prices on the Cape are low and properties are starting to move again," a local financial planner told The Boston Globe.

Cape Cod has plenty to offer its seniors, including a vast selection of activities. In fact, several community Councils on Aging offer support to these residents, providing them enjoyable events where they can gather and enjoy the beauty and amenities of the area.

For example, the Barnstable Council on Aging allows community members to participate in art classes, computer tutorials, music lessons and more. Additionally, those who purchase luxury homes might embrace the opportunity to show their support for these local programs by volunteering, an option for retirees who want to contribute to the community.

Settling into a Cape Cod home might be easier than ever for retirees interested in relocating to the area.