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Bramble Inn is one of the Cape's dining treasures

30 May 2013 12:20 PM
Bramble Inn is one of the Cape's dining treasures

Due to its scenic beauty and enduring popularity as a vacation destination, the Cape has no shortage of quaint inns and opulent bed and breakfasts. However, locals know that these spots are not only perfect for out-of-town guests - they can be the perfect place for owners of Cape Cod real estate to gather for delicious meals in beautiful venues.

Nowhere is this more true than at the Bramble Inn. A perennial favorite among tourists and locals alike, the Bramble Inn offers high-class dining unlike anything else on the Cape. Praised everywhere from The New York Times to Zagat (which once again named it the Cape's best restaurant in 2012), Bramble Inn is perfect for romantic dates, lavish celebrations and everything in between. 

The food
Although it is well known for its ambiance and location, the Bramble Inn's true draw is its food. Combining high-end American dishes and seafood-based European cuisine, the establishment manages to exude an air of fine dining without seeming haughty. Much of this is due to the venue's executive chef and owner, Ruth Manchester. Running the restaurant with her family, Manchester manages to create a menu for each season that perfectly captures the Cape's unique food culture and ingredients.

The menu for the winter for 2013, for example, featured a Burgundy escargot tartlet that embodies classic French dining with ingredients like woodland mushrooms, fresh thyme and grated Gruyere. Another dish - pan-roasted Chatham scrod Provencal - perfectly exemplifies how Manchester and her team so elegantly bridge the gap between classic Cape cuisine and French tradition. Locally caught scrod is braised in Chardonnay and topped with garlic ragout to create a dish that is hard to find anywhere else.

The setting
Such an extensive and well-executed menu merits the perfect setting, and Bramble Inn offers that as well. Situated in the first floor of a stately, longstanding home, the restaurant is a warren of interconnected and uniquely decorated dining rooms. Each room is outfitted with a few small tables, which helps create an intimate dining experience for diners.  

Between its season-specific menu and the one-of-a-kind setting, the Bramble Inn is the perfect place for a meal for visitors and longtime Cape residents.