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Sandwich Glass Museum show enters second month

26 Feb 2014 11:07 AM
Sandwich Glass Museum show enters second month

Due to the region's scenic beauty and longstanding community of art enthusiasts, the affluent coastal communities that comprise Cape Cod have repeatedly been regarded for their luxurious accommodations and vibrant culture. Boasting numerous art galleries and studios, this eastern portion of Massachusetts has traditionally drawn both accomplished artists and amateur admirers alike - and that tradition remains strong today. 

Although Cape Cod is home to a number of creative spaces, one of the most regularly visited is the Sandwich Glass Museum, which features multiple exhibits from famed glass blowers. The current exhibition, "Infuse III," is a collection of handmade works created by the well-known glass artist Sayuri Kingsbury.

Exhibit highlights artist's unique technique
Aside from Kingsbury's adept skill at sculpting molten glass into fine works of art, the museum's display serves to shine a spotlight on her creative process and the special techniques she uses to achieve such breathtaking results. 

In addition to her work as an established glass artist, Kingsbury maintains a rigorous schedule as an assistant for several different glassblowers. This provides her access to a considerable amount of scraps, fragments and leftover pieces, which she then recycles and uses to give each of her pieces an individual touch. This distinctive approach gives her art an imaginative and mesmerizing aesthetic, that has helped her gain widespread recognition as a international artist. 

The exhibition has been available for view in the museum's contemporary gallery since Feb. 1, however, March 31 will mark its last day. The gallery will be open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you're interested in viewing this body of delicate works crafted by Kingsbury in the Sandwich Glass Museum's upscale local setting, you might want to plan your visit soon, as such an opportunity may not present itself again for some time.

Local artist boasts international resume
These days, Kingsbury calls Cape Cod home, mostly working for Fritz Lauenstein at Fritz Glass in Dennisport. However, she didn't always reside in New England.

She spent her childhood in Japan, having grown up and received her primary schooling in the city of Sapporo. Kingsbury attended the Sapporo School of the Arts and started blowing glass at a nearby glass factory at the age of 18. She went on to study glass techniques at Toyama City Institute of Glass Art, before traveling to Sweden for work and eventually the United States.

As an avid sushi chef, Kingsbury's artistic abilities translate well. Much like her work with glass, she enjoys combining a number of items to create a whole, comprehensive piece. Accordingly, her line of blown glass boasts intricate details that never cease to amaze and inspire.

Museum known for special exhibitions, programs
Although Kingsbury's display will be taken down at the end of March, the Sandwich Glass Museum won't take a break from hosting some of the finest works produced with the medium. 

Nestled within the oldest town on Cape Cod, the museum is an offshoot of the Sandwich Historical Society, which debuted its first glass exhibit in 1925. The initial display was a commemoration of the past 100 years of glassblowing in the Bay State city.

Every year, the museum hosts a "Glassblower's Christmas" event, which provides local collectors and enthusiasts the chance to obtain a piece of unique artwork personally crafted by an esteemed artist. To the past several years, Kingsbury has been an active participant, is likely to continue offering her opulent wares for some time still. 

If you're hoping to learn more about the museum or its current exhibition before making a trip, consider calling 508-888-0251 or visiting the organization's official website.