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New show pairs Cape-based painters and poets

1 May 2013 9:47 AM
Santa Fe is known for its vibrant local art scene, and many residents of the city have found that incorporating paintings, sculptures and photographs from nearby artists is a great way to make their homes more original.

The Cape is filled with talented artists - both professional and amateur - and a new exhibit at Highfield Hall taps into this embarrassment of artistic riches by pairing local painters and poets to create a new multimedia show that has been garnering a great deal of praise even though it has been open for less than a month. 

The show - "7x7: Paints, Pastels and Poems" - is intended to foster collaboration among Cape-based artists of all types. Seven poets have been matched with corresponding painters and asked to provide written works that respond to their fellow artists - either generally or about a specific work.

Each poet had plenty to choose from, as the visual artists each selected seven paintings or pastels for the show. Although the artists all own Cape Cod real estate, the similarities end there, as each painter has his or her own unique style and approach to the form. Landscapes, portraits, abstract scenes - many different styles are on display at this innovative show.

"7x7" is can be seen at Highfield Hall in Falmouth until May 22.