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Los Angeles-based abstract painter display seven new works

25 Jan 2013 10:49 AM
Los Angeles-based abstract painter displays seven new works

Martin Durazo, a Los Angeles-based abstract painter who has hosted shows around the world, has made his name by creating intense, physically imposing paintings that elicit strong, often conflicting reactions from viewers. His latest show takes this style to new heights, as the seven recently finished paintings on display are just as dramatic as his earlier work, though they expand the limits of his style. In these new pieces, Durazo builds on his his earlier themes - large graffiti-inspired and aggressively colorful paintings - by adding depth and a slightly refined color scheme.

The show - which is on display through February 9 at the Luis de Jesus Gallery, near many high-end Los Angeles homes - features brighter colors - almost fluorescent in some cases - that give Durazo's work an urgent, exceedingly modern feeling. According to the Los Angeles Times, pulsing music gives the space an electric and captivating atmosphere. Guests are invited to stroll through the exhibit's several rooms and appreciate the hulking works at their leisure.

Durazo's newest batch of paintings are indeed large. The biggest - the 12-foot-wide diptych entitled "Slayer" - inspired positive comparisons to Willem de Kooning's famous "Door to the River," from the art critic for the Times, Christopher Knight.

Los Angeles residents who stay up to speed with the modern painting world's emerging trends will no doubt find Durazo's new show an interesting and compelling attraction. According to the Luis de Jesus Gallery, the current show is a testament to the continued refinement of Durazo's style - broad brush strokes, pools of colors and thought-provoking arrangements. After a busy year featuring shows in Tokyo and New York, Durazo's Los Angeles homecoming is a great chance for his fans to keep up with his developing artistry.