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An example of architectural history in Los Angeles

27 Sep 2012 8:38 AM
An example of architectural history in Los Angeles

At its best, architecture is more than just the process of designing homes or commercial buildings. Its most important practitioners imbue their work with their own particular creativity and insight. In our daily lives, we can sometimes catch glimpses of this specific type of genius by seeing novel buildings in big cities or visiting one-of-a-kind historic homes.

A lucky few, however, can sometimes get a much closer look. Every once in a while, a luxury home comes on the market that is a breed apart from the traditional houses available. These offerings typically feature a distinctive style or design that makes them stand head and shoulders, so to speak, above less original homes.

One such home is now on the market in Los Angeles, and it is a truly singular achievement. Built incrementally over many years, the property features three distinct units that blend into one fascinating whole. Perhaps more importantly, pieces of this captivating property were designed by two influential architects: Richard Neutra and Paul Hoag.

Neutra and Hoag, who are both renowned designers, infused the property with their own distinct senses of style and function. Neutra, a beacon of the modernist school who worked mostly in Southern California, was called in during the 1930s to expand the initial two-bedroom Spanish home. Employing his characteristic flair, Neutra added an upper bedroom and bathroom unit with curving walls and a powerful grace.

Later, Paul Hoag, another prized California architect, was called to build a supplemental studio apartment on the grounds. Like Neutra, Hoag went well beyond expectations and crafted a unit that is a shining example of architectural wonder.

"A property like this comes around only once in a while," said Rob Kallick, a real estate professional for Sotheby's International Realty. "That alone would be very valuable, but add in the income potential of the rental units and you have a listing with a very high upside."