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How to give a Cape Cod home an interior makeover

8 Aug 2012 12:13 PM
How to give a Cape Cod home an interior makeover

Owners of Cape Cod homes might consider giving their properties interior makeovers. Whether it's minor alterations or major renovations, homeowners can use a variety of techniques to enhance the visual appearance inside their houses.

For example, New England resident Wendy Meredith told Southern Living that she and her husband purchased a Cape Cod cottage-style home that was built in the 1930s. To improve the quality of the property, she incorporated a mix of modern and traditional techniques to maximize the space available in certain areas.

"We wanted to retain the integrity of the house and add interior details rather than additional space," an architect who assisted with the renovations told Southern Living. "The kitchen now feels larger but is actually the same square footage as before."

Meredith gutted the kitchen, and modified an existing wall of cabinetry to conceal a refrigerator and pantry. She also used simple refinishing techniques to enhance her dining room's hardwood floors.

No two Cape Cod luxury homes are exactly the same, and property owners should use their own judgment when they implement design changes. TLC notes that homeowners might want to evaluate a room's function, color scheme and other design factors before completing an interior makeover. Additionally, reviewing the furniture that could be placed in a living space might impact renovation plans.