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Elegant window options for your Cape Cod home

12 Jun 2013 4:58 PM
Upscale window options for Cape Cod homes

Spending time on Cape Cod can afford individuals a number of opportunities to relax, as the area boasts miles of coastline and regularly receives a substantial amount of sunshine.

Due to the region's favorable weather and beautiful scenery, owners of Cape Cod houses may want to consider ways to best enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of their residences. Homeowners looking to update their existing properties may benefit from the area most by exploring the following upscale window treatments, as doing so could help them get the most enjoyment out of their homes.

Obscured glass
This type of window allows individuals to enjoy plenty of natural light, but still affords them the privacy they desire. Homeowners can choose from sandblasted or chemically treated panes, or utilize glass blocks to construct entire walls. 

Bay windows
These options are popular throughout the Cape, as they provide individuals with additional living space while enhancing the look of both interior rooms and the property's exterior appearance. This update may help homeowners heighten the desirability of their property, as it is highly regarded by housing professionals and often sought after by many prospective buyers.

Stained glass
Classic and colorful, these exquisite windows are a popular choice for those looking to update their properties with an artistic aesthetic. Stained glass features can range in size, style and intricacy, so it's important homeowners carefully consider their options. Instead of purchasing prefabricated pieces, some may wish to design their own, and commission a local artist to create a custom piece for them.

If individuals wish to incorporate a nautical theme to their interior design scheme, choosing to have a porthole window may help them achieve the desired effect. Typically found on boats and sea-faring vessels, this type of window can lend an appealing quality to rooms. Available in different sizes, savvy shoppers may even be able to use a reclaimed porthole from retired ships.

Sliding walls
While it may not increase privacy, sliding window walls have been gaining attention from owners of homes on Cape Cod. This feature brings the outside in, seamlessly merging outdoor space with interior rooms. This can be an even more effective update if the wall divides a screened in patio or pool area, as individuals can easily travel between the two areas at their leisure.