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Design tips for beachfront Palm Beach homes

25 Jan 2013 10:54 AM
Design tips for beachfront Palm Beach homes

With their sweeping ocean vistas and sunlight-rich rooms, Palm Beach homes are the perfect spots for creative and vibrant interior design choices. Many residents spend years perfecting their houses' interiors, bringing in new elements geared toward creating a unique atmosphere.

Unsurprisingly, many Palm Beach homeowners aim for an ocean-influenced theme, picking light colors and simple, classic furnishings to mirror the naturally elegant world outside their doors.

Beachfront beauty
For example, interior designer Allison Paladino discussed a Palm Beach project she recently completed that took the common ocean theme and updated it for the 21st century. She told HouseBeautiful that she picked colors such as a "very ripe avocado" and a cerulean blue to imbue the sprawling residence with a light, fun-filled flavor.

However, in some instances, Paladino felt that bolder choices - especially in rooms with an abundance of natural light - could help modernize a residence and increase its level of sophistication. In the high-ceilinged and minimalist dining room, for example, Paladino opted to cover the walls a rich auburn, perfect for leisurely dinner parties.

"Strong color equals drama when lights are dimmed," she told the source.

Enjoy the view
Of course, no Palm Beach house would be fully living up to its potential if it didn't embrace the breathtaking vistas sprawling out before it. For this, Houzz recommends taking full advantage of large picture windows and water-facing decks.

Windows may be a Palm Beach house's greatest assets, as they allow residents to enjoy the beauty of the ocean anytime they want. The source recommends framing these windows in unpainted wood to stay true to the natural beauty outside. Furthermore, renovation projects to extend the windows can be a perfect way to add dimension, natural light and eye-engulfing oceanscapes to a home.

Decks are also popular additions to oceanside homes in Palm Beach. These features don't need to be ornate or overly dramatic - a simple wooden deck with a handful of reclining chairs is often more than enough.

Ceiling fans
One simple touch recommended by Paladino and others is to install ceiling fans in many rooms. As opposed to air conditioners, these leisurely fixtures are perfect for circulating fresh ocean air throughout the home - and are significantly more environmentally friendly.