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Cape Cod homeowners update wine cellars with upscale styles, technologies

24 Jan 2014 11:13 AM
Cape Cod homeowners update wine cellars with upscale styles, technologies

Wine has been a popular drink for thousands of years, and, for as long as it's been around, enthusiasts have made a point to carefully store it in a way that preserves its flavor profiles and subtle notes.

In addition to respected wineries and vineyards, this practice is now commonly found within private residences all over the world, from the foothills of France to California's expansive wine country. However, one of the areas where personal wine storage has been most widely adopted is Cape Cod. The affluent coastal communities in the easternmost portion of Massachusetts are home to a number of serious oenophiles, who have updated their estates to include state-of-the-art wine cellars. If you're looking to enhance your house through the inclusion of such an amenity, you could benefit by incorporating the following features and technologies.

Precise temperature control
Many wines improve with time if they are kept in optimal conditions, however, exposure to heat and fluctuations in humidity can negatively affect their flavor profiles, according to Wine Enthusiast. Due to this fact, many homeowners with wine cellars have had cutting-edge climate control systems installed. Modern furnaces and humidifiers can be programmed to operate at a specific settings, and will automatically work to maintain the atmosphere if external discrepancies - such as the changing of seasons - are experienced. With the assistance of an experienced housing professional, these appliances can be stylishly camouflaged, and actually add to the overall appearance of your cellar.

Appropriate lighting fixtures
Most wine bottles are crafted from dark glass that is capable of shielding its contents from harsh light that would affect its taste, but not all of them. For this reason, wine cellars are typically located underground and are usually dimly lit. However, a number of wine cellars found on Cape Cod are located above ground. This is possible because homeowners took great care in designing the feature, ensuring that only the proper amount of illumination is allowed to enter the space. Contemporary lighting solutions, like recessed lighting and chandeliers, can create an upscale ambiance, and with the control of a dimmer switch, provide you with the perfect conditions for wine storage, Houzz noted. 

Conducive, chic materials for storage
As many of the bottles that Cape Cod homeowners wish to store are likely very rare - and extremely expensive - it is important that the storage space be conducive to keeping the wines safe and secure. Though materials such as granite and marble may provide an elegant aesthetic, their hardness can easily break delicate glass that contains vintage blends. Because of this, the most popular material used within lavish cellars is typically wood - especially the softer varieties. Wooden shelves properly cradle and display choice bottles, while exposed beams not only provide structural support, but evoke the feeling of a luxurious rustic lodge as well, according to Forbes. 

Wet-bar for tasting sessions
What would any wine cellar be without a designated space for wine tasting? Including a modestly sized wet-bar, complete with a working sink and cabinets for special glass storage, can provide a private cellar with heightened functionality and fashion. Instead of having to spend time moving between rooms, this can enable you to easily inspect and conveniently open prime varietals. Adorning this area with the same interior design elements found throughout your manse can improve your property's degree of continuity, while including different decor can designate it as a showpiece that will impress your visiting friends and family.