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Ventura housing market showing strength

14 Nov 2012
Growing demand and a diminishing inventory of for-sale homes have helped raise the median price of homes in Ventura. As the market improves, more buyers have started entering the luxury home market, according to the Ventura County Star. In fact, the low inventory and rising sale prices have led some local experts to declare this fall an ideal time Read More

Ventura Jazz Collective opens residents' eyes to the history of jazz

5 Nov 2012
Few things are more American than jazz. The art form was born out of a combination of African rhythms, church-based gospel music and European instrumentation in the early 20th century. Since then, the music has evolved and infused most regions of America. In California, this is especially true. The Golden State has played a crucial role in the dev Read More

Under the rug: the benefits of painting a floor

2 Nov 2012
Home design projects come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, a massive overhaul is needed - whether it be a kitchen modernization or the construction of an elegant porch. These undertakings often require months of planning, extensive professional help and sometimes create a significant disruption to daily routines. Although they can be obtrusive Read More