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Ventura campground caters to affluent clients, offers luxury accommodations

20 Sep 2013 5:50 PM
Ventura campground caters to affluent clients, offers luxury

Some people may think camping is synonymous with sleeping in the dirt while exposed to the elements and wild animals, but one business in Ventura County is changing the way its customers spend time in the great outdoors.

In recent years, a phenomenon known as "glamping" (short for glamorous camping) has garnered a substantial amount of attention and popularity. Participants venture outdoors with the intent to spend time in nature, but are afforded access to lavish accommodations and amenities - such as electricity and running water. Some glampers have been known to furnish their grandiose tents with high-definition televisions, wireless internet, fine linens and luxuries like champagne and gourmet food.

If you own upscale Ventura real estate, or will be visiting the area soon, you might want to research available opportunities to stay at the Ventura Ranch KOA Campgrounds - a must for all those interested in glamping.

This business sets itself apart by offering guests numerous opportunities to go glamping. Visitors to the 76-acre campground can enjoy use of the location's 800-foot-long zipline, climbing wall, playground and gaming centers, as well as partake in many other activities, such as nature walks and crafts. Those looking to stay the night can choose from the business'  multitude of high-end accommodations, which include permanent teepees, glamor tents or glamor cabins.

The teepees and upscale tents are each outfitted with a queen and twin bed as well as wicker chairs, however, the tents also include a sofa and comprehensive weather proofing. The glamor cabins, which combine cosmopolitan comforts with the rustic surroundings, offer guests exclusive access to air conditioning, heat, a full kitchen and numerous beds.

Glampsites offered to urbanites in New York City
Although California's sunny weather and warm temperatures make conditions optimal for spending time outdoors, glamping has made its way across the country. The Associated Press reported that numerous businesses in the Big Apple now offer patrons the chance to sleep outside - atop plush mattresses and beside portable fire pits

"It's basically being able to sleep under the stars in a luxury setting," Jeffrey Poirot, general manager at AKA Central Park, which boasts a luxury glampsite outside a penthouse on the 17th floor, told the news source.

The hotel has reportedly been offering this option to guests for multiple years, though Poirot said the space is booked most frequently during the summer months.