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Ventura-based friezeframes brings elegance to eyewear

18 Mar 2013 11:52 AM
Ventura-based friezeframes brings elegance to eyewear

Glasses perform a valuable function, but they are also an important part of a person's style, and a young Ventura-based company has made a name for itself by focusing on the second of these concerns. Marc Franchi and Jason Stanley, two young designers from southern California, started friezeframes several years ago with the intention of crafting unique, "retro-chic" eyewear that are as much examples of fine jewelry as they are sight aids. 

Believing that most glasses fall into only a few simple categories, Franchi and Stanley, who are cousins, decided that they wanted to broaden the definition of what glasses could be.

"Most eyewear companies keep regurgitating the same styles," Franchi recently told Ventana Monthly. "We've made an effort to come out with the most unique, wearable, original shapes." 

Ask Ventura residents who have purchased a pair of these distinctive glasses, and they're likely to tell you that the two cousins have succeeded in their mission. With the recent launch of a new line, friezeframes has raised its total of distinct frames well into the triple digits. Now, owners of Ventura real estate can be seen walking around town in many different varieties of the distinctive glasses.

Franchi and Stanley have no intentions of stopping there, though. They say that they are looking forward to producing new frames that extend their vision and find new fans across the country. In fact, for their new line, the cousins brought production of their frames back stateside, and they say they are incredibly pleased with the craftsmanship and elegance apparent in each pair.

"The shapes and colors in this collection are simply stunning," Franchi told Optical Vision Resources. "And now, made in the USA, we have never been more proud of a collection."