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Ventura Jazz Collective opens residents' eyes to the history of jazz

5 Nov 2012 10:03 AM
The perfect soundtrack for a great meal in Pasadena

Few things are more American than jazz. The art form was born out of a combination of African rhythms, church-based gospel music and European instrumentation in the early 20th century. Since then, the music has evolved and infused most regions of America.

In California, this is especially true. The Golden State has played a crucial role in the development of jazz and has produced some of its most heralded players. In the 1950s - often considered a heyday for the genre - California was famous for its "West Coast Jazz" scene - a collection of skilled players practicing composition-based, relaxed jazz.

Since then, jazz has remained an integral part of California's music scene. In Ventura, this spirit remains strong, as many local festivals and events feature performances from the area's many jazz groups and individual musicians.

One of the area's most popular acts is the Ventura Jazz Collective. The group is comprised of well-trained musicians and features everything from guitar and bass to flute and keyboards. According to the Ventura County Star, the group leans toward classic styles - including, of course, West Coast Jazz.

Owners of Ventura real estate can see this seasoned collective throughout the year. The band plays many shows, private events and festivals around the region, and is always looking to give new fans a tour of jazz's history, present and future. They have garnered a considerable following in the area for their skillful interpretations of jazz standards by such classic talents as Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and Luiz Bonfa.

Ventura residents - whether longstanding jazz fans or relative novices hoping for a primer on the art form's history - are surely happy to have such a talented and prolific group based in the area.