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The Cave celebrates five years of great wine and food pairings

29 Mar 2013 1:18 PM
The Cave celebrates five years of great wine and food pairings

For half a decade, The Cave has been inviting guests to explore the nexus of fine local food and wine. On April 2, the venue celebrates its fifth anniversary and is taking the opportunity to continue doing what it does best: offer diners a chance to try dozens of wines paired expertly with high-end small plates. 

The Cave was started as a way for owners of Ventura real estate to sample the local bounty that surrounds them. Located inside Ventura Wine Company, The Cave allows guests to try many of the wines for sale and complement their samples with carefully constructed food options - all at their own speed and without any outside interference.

"Our goal is to offer you good food, good wine, great value and encourage you to discover for yourself what you like...without the interference of some so-called 'expert' trying to convince you what is right," Nick Fisher, The Cave's owner, writes on the venue's website. 

With this goal in mind, Fisher opened the Cave inside the teeming retail shop and brought in trained chefs to provide the perfect dishes to go along with the hundreds of wines that line the shop's walls. Guests can pair their wine samples with carefully constructed dishes like clams and mussel fresca, shrimp and sweet vermouth sauce and charred salmon cakes. 

Although the food may be what makes The Cave stand out, it is the establishment's collection of wine that has helped it earn its devoted following. With full access to the Ventura Wine Company's wares, The Cave gives Ventura residents the perfect opportunity to sample wines they might otherwise not get a chance to taste. Whether this is a small-batch bottle from a nearby vineyard or an exceptional vintage from the wineries of France is up to you.