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A trip to France, without leaving Ventura

18 Mar 2013 11:54 AM
A trip to France, without leaving Ventura

It is fitting that 71 Palm Restaurant is located in a classic Ventura home, as the venue manages to combine fine dining with down-home comfort and a welcoming atmosphere. The setting of the restaurant - an charming example of early 20th century Ventura real estate - helps the venue's chef and owner, Didier Poirier, provide an intimate eating experience for a small group of diners every night. 

Although Poirier has proven his ability to incorporate a wide range of culinary traditions into his cooking, he stays most faithful to the French tradition. In fact, the restaurant's fare hews so closely to traditional French dining that many guests feel that a trip to the restaurant is a close second to actually visiting the country. According to Zagat's review of the restaurant, a meal at 71 Palm is like a "journey to the French countryside without the airfare."

Poirier's adherence to classic French cooking is evident in the restaurant's renowned dinner menu. Classic Provencal Bouillabaisse, herb marinated chicken breast, wild mushroom ragout and other classic dishes allow diners to experience time-tested French classics in the heart of Ventura. Long-simmered stocks and flavorful reductions have helped 71 Palm earn a reputation as one of the region's most elegant French-inspired restaurants.

However, the restaurant's wine list may be even more mouthwatering to Francophiles, as it features an extensive collection of vintage wines from many of France's most revered vineyards. Of course, the restaurant's proximity to many of California's best wine producers also ensures that there are plenty of bottles that didn't have to travel far at all to arrive at the table.