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A look at some of the fine dining options in Ventura

28 Aug 2012 9:44 AM
A look at some of the fine dining options in Ventura

Ventura offers a wide selection of restaurants. In fact, this city features various fine dining establishments that are often considered "must-see" restaurants for Ventura residents.

71 Palm Restaurant
Visit the 71 Palm Restaurant to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner at a local landmark. This restaurant features an elegant dining atmosphere inside a historic Ventura cottage that was built in 1910.

Chef Didier Poirier has served exquisite dishes to fine diners in Ventura since 1997. His popular "Plat Du Jour" gives patrons blends of flavors in high-end dishes, including favorites like the sauteed sandabs with lemon butter and seafood crepes with lobster sauce.

This French-American establishment is a great spot to check out the downtown sights and California's lush central coastline. Additionally, it's an excellent choice for Mother's Day and Valentine's Day, offering special dining options on both of these occasions.

Le Petit Cafe Bakery
Le Petit Cafe Bakery is an ideal choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner. While many diners typically enjoy the lunch and dinner menus that feature authentic French dishes like Confit de Canard and Poulet De La Semaine, this restaurant's breakfast offerings help it stand out among Ventura establishments.

Breakfast is served on Saturday and Sunday only, but it certainly provides another reason for many owners of luxury homes in the area to look forward to the weekend. This extensive menu's highlights include crepes, Quiche Lorraine and Tourte de Paris.

The Sidecar Restaurant
With simple, satisfying ingredients and a one-of-a-kind dining experience, The Sidecar Restaurant is a memorable establishment for many Ventura diners. The restaurant allows visitors to enjoy exceptional French cuisine in a 1910 pullman dining car, something unique to the area.

"Simplicity is what drives my cuisine," said Tim Kilcoyne, The Sidecar Restaurant Executive Chef. "It's the most important element yet the hardest to achieve."

Treat yourself to lunch, dinner or Sunday brunch at this restaurant. All dishes feature ingredients from local farmers, present in dishes such as the grilled Idaho trout and pepper crusted filet mignon. In fact, The Sidecar Restaurant has earned local accolades for its offerings, and was an's Diners Choice Award winner in 2011.