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The Museum of Ventura County's "Diamonds are Forever" exhibit has been extended

19 Aug 2014 5:54 PM
The Museum of Ventura County's

It's not often that you see any exhibit or performance get an extended run. When it happens, it's proof that the members of the community where that performance or culture is located have received a massive amount of both enjoyment and insight from whatever it is being exhibited.

So, the news that the "Diamonds are Forever" exhibit - which is currently running at the Museum of Ventura County - is being held over for another month is proof of more than just its entertainment value. Clearly, this is a valuable work of curated culture - something that all Ventura residents would do well to check out.

How long will the exhibit be running now - and what's on display?
The "Diamonds are Forever" exhibit was originally scheduled to conclude at the end of this week - but residents of the luxury real estate in Ventura have loved it so much that the museum has now extended it's stay. The exhibit will now remain in place at the Museum of Ventura County until Sept. 28 - so you've got more than a month to make your way over and marvel at the holdings.

And what marvels they are! This exhibit plays host to stones that have been owned by numerous historical figures. In fact, some were owned by royalty. So if you've ever wondered what kind of ring a real queen likes to wear, now you can find out.

That's thanks to artist-historian George Stuart, who has curated the exhibit. Stuart's work is well-known in the Ventura area, and many have noted that this exhibit may be his strongest yet - a display of history represented through glorious stones. He has created a singular exhibit.

We've all heard the saying: "Diamonds are a girl's best friend." If you've ever wondered why, then you should be visiting the Museum of Ventura County. When you look at these sparkling stones - and read about the equally striking histories surrounding the ownership of these stones, as well as the dramas that unfolded around them - you'll realize these are every bit as integral to some women's conception of themselves as is their clothes, their hair or even their face.

You'll also realize that "Diamonds are Forever" is one of the strongest works of curated culture to come to Ventura in some time - so don't miss out on seeing it during its extended exhibition.