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Prime beaches, surf spots in Ventura County

18 Oct 2013 4:10 PM
Prime beaches, surf spots in Ventura County

With its hundreds of miles of pristine coastline, the state of California has long attracted individuals who enjoy being in close proximity to the ocean, as well as those who utilize it for regular recreation.

While different areas across the Golden State may offer beautiful beaches and optimal point-breaks, some of the best surf spots can be found within Ventura County. Here, seasoned surfers, amateur enthusiasts, luxury real estate owners and professional athletes can all be found, eyeing the horizon for their preferred set of waves. 

Situated next to Bates Beach, these world-class waves are reserved for experienced surfers. After paddling out to this point-break, expect to catch 4-foot swells from the north that divide and travel in both directions. The sandy bottom does include some rocks, but the most popular waves are usually seen at mid- and high-tide. Enjoyable year-round, this surf spot can get crowded on the weekends. Numerous professional surfers have ridden these expansive waves, and many can be seen during a regular visit. 

Mussel Shoals
This local surf spot, also known as "Little Rincon," has been attracting elite surfers for years. It's simple to find and easy to access, but only those who are experienced on a short board should paddle out, as there are rocks to be aware of on the ocean floor. Swells typically come from the northwest and are generally fast and fun, averaging about 4 feet. This spot also offers prime opportunities for taking photos. The view of surfers riding waves under a bridge that connects the coast with a small man-made island is breathtaking. Located just off of the Ventura freeway, surfers can find a multitude of spectators, whether they're passengers in cars or owners of the nearby luxury homes

Pitas Point
This point-break is perfect for all surfers, as its long, rolling waves are suitable for riders on boards of all ability levels. The shore floor is mostly sandy, save for a few rocks, and the beach is typically void of large crowds. While it's a smaller point-break, its swells usually come from the northwest and are about 2 feet. The sandbar creates fast and hollow waves, some of which have seen the likes of well-known surfers. As an added bonus, the water temperature is always comfortable.