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Poetry in motion: Ventura's live poetry scene

20 Sep 2012 8:27 AM
Poetry in motion: Ventura's live poetry scene

For thousands of years, poetry has been an important element in the cultural landscape. Whether used to express one's self or as a way to engage in word play, the art form has helped bring people together to celebrate the beauty of the written word.

However, although poetry is commonly collected in anthologies or published in magazines, it also has a long performance history. Long before the advent of the printing press, many practitioners memorized their poems and read them aloud to rapt audiences. This particular aspect of poetry may be fading in certain parts of the country, but it has a home in Ventura, California.

Residents of some of the luxury homes in Ventura may make the last Saturday of the month their poetry night. On that night, poet Friday Lubina hosts "Friday on Saturday," a live poetry performance event at the Bell Arts Factory on Ventura Avenue.

The event is a great way for Ventura poets and poetry aficionados to mingle and share their love of the form. The relaxed atmosphere allows poets to feel comfortable as they read some of their recent work. It is also a great place for residents to learn about the local art scene and meet people who have a similar affinity for the spoken word.

"Friday on Saturday" isn't exclusively quatrains and stanzas, though. Musicians sometimes bring their instruments, which helps give the evening a more multifaceted feeling.

Ventura has long been known as a community that embraces and celebrates its artists, and the "Friday on Saturday" events are a great example of this. Residents may want to incorporate this monthly event into their schedule, to help keep music and poetry in the area alive and well.