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Californians may want to schedule a trip on the Heritage Valley Lunch Train Tour

5 Jun 2014 12:57 PM

For owners of Ventura real estate, there are numerous local services and events more than worthy of attention. However, there are few as fun as the Heritage Valley Tour Lunch Train. This trip combines many of the things that affluent Californians love so much about their home state: fresh food, great sites, world-class art exhibitions and much more. Better yet, these tours include all of those things over the course of just a few hours.

What does the trip feature?
Even disregarding the stops that the Heritage Valley Tour Train makes, it's a worthwhile venture for any Californian. The train boards in Central Park at 11:15 a.m. - and soon after, all boarded riders are served a fantastic "Heritage Valley" luncheon. This meal alone consists of three separate courses: a garden salad, an orange-glazed chicken breast and rice pilaf, all served with vegetables and rolls, as well as coffee or tea. 

After the second stop, riders will re-board the train at the Loose Caboose Garden Center. At this point, Heritage Valley employees will be serving a sumptuous dessert sure to please any and all riders. If the food doesn't attract you, then the train itself just might: the Heritage Valley Tour's train is a "historic caboose and baggage car," and its attractive visage and comfortable seating are sure to provide an exceptionally relaxing afternoon to all that board it. 

Where does the train stop?
Of course, the Tour Train doesn't simply serve food and run the tracks - it makes a number of stops during the almost five hours it takes to get from start to finish, affording riders many opportunities to catch some of California's cultural highlights. 

The first stop is at the Santa Paula depot, where guides will meet the train and proceed to take riders on a tour of many of the area's finest locations. Docents will take groups on the tour to the California Oil Museum, the Santa Paula Art Museum and the Ventura County Agricultural Museum - three of the area's cultural hotspots. 

After another quick ride down the tracks, the train will stop at the Loose Caboose Garden Center, where riders will be able to browse through the Center itself and its attached gift shop. Everything from honey products (from Bennett's Honey Farm) to koi ponds and related supplies are available at this stop, so you'll certainly want to take full advantage of the half-hour the train affords at the Loose Caboose. If the commerce possibilities don't excite you, no need to fret: a full aviary and a massive variety of plants will offer plenty to appreciate during this stop. 

When does the train run?
The Heritage Valley Tour Train recently ran its last scheduled stop for the summer on June 4, but it will be back in the fall - with trips scheduled for September 18, October 1, October 23 and more. However, that doesn't mean you've missed your chance: with advanced reservations, groups of 40 people or more can book the train and enjoy their own trip through its many destinations. Groups can even add tours of the Fillmore Historical museum and the Rancho Camulos Museum to their gathering, for a few extra dollars per person. 

Parties of 40 or more people can book this trip at their convenience, at rates of less than $50 per person. The Heritage Valley Train Tour provides food, culture, a comfortable trip and much more - all at a cost that won't come close to breaking the bank. For those currently residing in Ventura real estate locations, their are few local attractions less appetizing.