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Looking to relax? Get out on the water!

Looking to relax? Get out on the water!

12 Nov 2014
There are few things more relaxing and satisfying than spending an afternoon out on the open water. The sea breeze rustling your hair, the smell of ocean spray and the gentle rocking of the boat all come together to make for the perfect day at sea. For those looking to get out there and enjoy a day or evening on the water, look no further than the Read More
Enjoy a vintage train ride as Ventura preps for Halloween

Enjoy a vintage train ride as Ventura preps for Halloween

24 Oct 2014
Break out the spooky masks and sugary treats, Ventura is getting ready for Halloween! There are more events than you can shake a wand at this year, and you won't want to miss a single one. If you're looking for the perfect way to gear up for the scariest holiday of the year, then look no further. Ride the Pumpkinliner At 10:30 a.m. or 2&nb Read More
The Beer Festival runs throughout this weekend in Ventura

The Beer Festival runs throughout this weekend in Ventura

22 Sep 2014
Ventura County has been playing host to the annual beer festival for the entirety of the past eight days - and it all culminated over the past weekend. And what a perfect weekend it was for the celebration: With heat waves crossing the West Coast, there was no better time to settle down with an ice cold brew in the shade. The residents of Ven Read More
The Museum of Ventura County's

The Museum of Ventura County's "Diamonds are Forever" exhibit has been extended

19 Aug 2014
It's not often that you see any exhibit or performance get an extended run. When it happens, it's proof that the members of the community where that performance or culture is located have received a massive amount of both enjoyment and insight from whatever it is being exhibited. So, the news that the "Diamonds are Forever" Read More
Near Ventura Harbor this weekend? Take a cruise!

Near Ventura Harbor this weekend? Take a cruise!

10 Jul 2014
The Ventura Harbor offers a number of beautiful sights to the residents that live in the luxury real estate surrounding the area. If you want to get a truly transcendent look at those sites, though, you may do best to take a look at them from the water. With an upcoming dinner cruise scheduled for this weekend, you'll be able to do just t Read More

Californians may want to schedule a trip on the Heritage Valley Lunch Train Tour

5 Jun 2014
For owners of Ventura real estate , there are numerous local services and events more than worthy of attention. However, there are few as fun as the Heritage Valley Tour Lunch Train. This trip combines many of the things that affluent Californians love so much about their home state: fresh food, great sites, world-class art exhibitions and mu Read More
Renowned classical pianist brings her improvisations to Santa Fe

Few performances remain for 2014 Ventura Music Festival

7 May 2014
Although its rich history and recreational opportunities are typically the benefits most enjoyed by luxury real estate owners, Ventura also boasts an exciting and vibrant culture. For instance, during the month of May, area residents have been able to enjoy a number of entertaining live performances from a myriad of artists and  Read More
Multitude of interesting exhibitions slated to open at PMCA in January

Ronald Walker art exhibition enters final week

14 Apr 2014
Often regarded for its coastal location, high-end luxury real estate and proximity to both Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, the City of San Buenaventura has long been a destination for established artists and burgeoning dilettantes alike. Aside from the metropolitan area's suitable scenery and favorable weather, it boasts a number of g Read More
Wine enthusiasts readying for upcoming event in Ventura

Wine enthusiasts readying for upcoming event in Ventura

15 Jan 2014
California is not only home to wealthy business executives and famous celebrities, it is also where a considerable number of respected wine makers hang their hats. The state's western geography, diverse topography and favorable climate patterns make it one of the most perfect places on the planet to grow grapes and produce fine wines. Accordin Read More
Prime beaches, surf spots in Ventura County

Prime beaches, surf spots in Ventura County

18 Oct 2013
With its hundreds of miles of pristine coastline, the state of California has long attracted individuals who enjoy being in close proximity to the ocean, as well as those who utilize it for regular recreation. While different areas across the Golden State may offer beautiful beaches and optimal point-breaks, some of the best surf spots can be foun Read More