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Ventura luxury real estate owners incorporate upscale garages into property

3 Oct 2013 9:54 AM
Ventura luxury real estate owners incorporate upscale garages into property

With its prominent location on the Ventura Freeway, it's of no surprise to many residents of the city of San Buenaventura that some homeowners have a penchant for high-end automobiles. The favorable weather that locals can enjoy year-round makes the area a popular destination for automobile enthusiasts, whether they plan on competing at the Ventura Raceway or simply viewing museum-quality collections of rare and vintage vehicles.

Increasingly, many of the luxury homes found in the region are being updated to include state-of-the-art car storage accommodations, which not only heighten the property's cosmetic appeal, but also its functionality. If you currently own property in Ventura, or are considering having a lavish garage constructed on your luxury real estate elsewhere, you may want to have the following design trends incorporated into the project.

Opulent exterior design
Just because you keep your cars in the garage doesn't mean it has to look like a storage unit. To give this amenity an exquisite appearance, you may want to have palatial retractable doors installed and contemporary accents integrated into the space. These additions can improve the overall presentation of the cars, as they may benefit by being complemented by high-end surroundings.

Rotating floor panels
Gone are the days of having to waste time and patience carefully reversing into tight spaces or pulling K-turns in cramped quarters. Modern technology has enabled construction professionals to install rotating floor panels into residential structures, which provides an elegant aesthetic to such garages. Motorists simply pull into the space and park, then use the feature's controls to position the automobile in the right direction they prefer in order to best show off its characteristics.

Car lift systems
Have too many cars for one garage? Instead of buying another property for storage, or selling one of your existing vehicles to make room, consider having a car lift system installed. This can allow you to store multiple automobiles in the square footage required for just one, as it suspends cars in midair when they're not in use. This is also a good idea if you enjoy fixing vehicles, as these lifts can effortlessly provide you with a look at the underside of your cars.

Intricate lighting scheme
As garages are designed to protect automobiles from potentially damaging external factors, such as harsh sunlight and inclement weather, they tend to be dimly lit, enclosed spaces. Therefore, you can benefit from having interesting lighting fixtures installed, which will properly display your collection. Fiber optic lights can be installed in creative places and in chic patterns, while recessed lighting affords garages elegant illumination.