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Ventura kitchen tour could inspire residents

5 Oct 2012 8:39 AM
Ventura kitchen tour could inspire residents

When people decide to remodel their home, the kitchen is often the first room to be tackled. More than just an eating area, the kitchen is the place where many families gather for conversation, the room where the majority of entertaining occurs and a space where homeowners often go to unwind after a long day at work. With this in mind, many owners of luxury homes are constantly looking for design ideas for their kitchens because they know that a good remodeling job in this space could transform their entire house.

A new tour of five renowned kitchens in Ventura aims to provide inspiration for such remodeling. The tour, organized by Project Understanding and occurring on October 14, leads idea-hungry Ventura residents through some of the most elegant, professionally designed kitchens in the county.

The examples were picked for their creativity and execution as well as their diversity - each kitchen is a unique take on the room and offers guests its own set of inspirational design ideas.

"We have something for everyone on this tour," tour chairman Carol Dawes told the Ventura County Star. "We have a 1929 Spanish home that was beautifully remodeled to match its original vintage charm. We even show a kitchen that looks like we moved it from Pasadena."

In many ways, a design tour is ideally suited for the kitchen. In a room where comfort and tactility are paramount, an event that allows residents to inspect, weigh, touch and explore the various components has a lot to be said for it. Because so many of these high-end kitchens employ rare and and unique elements, the ability to get up close and personal with them could help a homeowner decide how he or she wants to approach a potential remodeling project. For example, one kitchen uses Rainforest Granite for its countertops, while another has floors composed of cork, according to the source.

With so many unique touches and compelling choices, these kitchens could inspire Ventura residents to initiate their own remodeling project. According to This Old House, kitchen refurbishments are the soundest investment, as that room is often the first place a potential buyer looks when attempting to make a home-buying decision. Furthermore, recent product developments, such as energy-efficient refrigerators and increasingly customizable ovens, make the kitchen a great place to update in a quest for practicality and innovation.