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Ventura-based author finally completes his dream house

8 Feb 2013 1:32 PM
Ventura-based author finally completes his dream house

It took Richard La Plante more than seven years to complete his new Ventura home, but the result is a one-of-a-kind house that can serve as an inspiration for creative local residents. It is perhaps not an undertaking for the faint of heart - the construction process became so complicated that La Plante considered abandoning it at several different points. Local architecture and design buffs are likely glad he didn't, though, as the stunning piece of luxury real estate now stands as a testament to the man's singular vision and dedication. 

These qualities are not new to La Plante. Among many other things, La Plante is a memoirist, a boxer, an actor and a psychologist. To that list, he can now also add "accomplished home designer," as his new house has already received acclaim from architects and local home owners.

According to Ventana Monthly, the home combines modernist elements with a more traditional approach, resulting in a curving home that features one of the most breathtaking views in the area. The dramatic landscape that surrounds the home is one of the major reasons he decided to build it, as southern California has become a sort of Eden for the multi-talented La Plante.

"I visit the land many times in the last February, searching for a Zen moment," he writes in his recent memoir, "Never Again," which focuses primarily on his experiences in California and the long - often arduous - process of building the home. "At those times, I remember our reason for coming here."

Water and glass
Although Ventura residents may not want to mirror La Plante's building process to the letter, there is much to be learned from the fruits of his labor. One of them is that a generous use of large windows and water features can help bring a sense of equanimity and calm to a home - or, in La Plante's case - Zen. He used a lot of glass - not just picture windows, but tables and sliding doors, too - to give the home a more open feeling. 

He also worked hard to bring make sure that water wasn't just a feature of the house's view, but also an aspect of its personality. An infinity pool anchors the house and provides a great place for La Plante to unwind.