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Under the rug: the benefits of painting a floor

2 Nov 2012 8:17 AM
Under the rug: the benefits of painting a floor

Home design projects come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, a massive overhaul is needed - whether it be a kitchen modernization or the construction of an elegant porch. These undertakings often require months of planning, extensive professional help and sometimes create a significant disruption to daily routines. Although they can be obtrusive and anxiety-ridden, such projects typically leave a home significantly improved.

Some projects, on the other hand, are much smaller. Despite being of a significantly reduced scope, these redesigns can sometimes have just as large an impact on a house's overall feeling as a full-blown renovation. Perhaps it's something as simple as installing a new wall hanging or light fixture, or just moving furniture into a new orientation. These projects, which require much less planning, can be a great way to freshen up a house without committing to a massive design overhaul.

One example of such an undertaking is floor painting. Most people paint their walls or ceilings to change the dynamics of a room, but comparatively few ever consider doing the same to their floors. However, this approach can have the same effect and add vitality, energy and a personal touch to a room. Owners of luxury homes in Ventura may want to try this approach to see how a simple coat of paint on a floor can cast a room in a new light.

Painting floors is nothing new. According to the Ventura County Star, people frequently painted floors in previous centuries. Owners of classic homes may find this approach gives their homes a vintage feeling, and one that is in keeping with the home's history.

Furthermore, floor painting can be a great way for people with certain allergies to circumvent the issue. Rugs and carpets can exacerbate allergies, so going the floor-painting route could be practical as well as stylish.

This was the case for Nancy Westfall, as she learned that her infant daughter was allergic to the rug in her room. Given this, she decided to paint the room's floor with diamonds and other designs. Through this process, Westfall learned that a floor can be a great asset, and needn't necessarily be covered with a rug.

"They look pretty refinished," she told the source. "And they look even better painted."

According to House Beautiful, picking the right color is a crucial part of the process of painting a floor. Ideally, the color you choose should complement the room's other features and fit the space's purpose. Ocean blue, Swiss coffee and deep caviar are all among the choices the source suggests for giving any room a compelling feel.