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How owners of luxury Ventura real estate update fireplaces

16 Nov 2013 4:22 PM
How owners of luxury Ventura real estate update fireplaces

While Californians are routinely treated to ample sunshine and comfortable temperatures, weather patterns that arrive during the winter often bring colder air to the region and influence individuals to spend more time indoors. Even though the city of Ventura has a prime location on the coast, its residents tend to see their thermometers' mercury drop during the season.

Accordingly, many luxury real estate owners from this area have made alterations to their existing properties that both enhance their sense of comfort and heighten the home's value. One such project that has proved to be popular with locals is the aesthetic improvement of a fireplace, as these residential features provide a valuable function to individuals and effectively improve the overall look of interior living spaces.

Ventura homeowners looking for chic ways to update their fireplaces can benefit by undertaking the following projects with the assistance of an experienced interior design professional.

Incorporate stylish shelving
A great way to highlight the residential feature is by surrounding it with attractive storage. High-end shelving units can bring a cosmopolitan ambiance to the room, affording individuals the opportunity to display their prized possessions while storing their other belongings out of sight. 

Some homeowners have decided to utilize the space to keep firewood on hand. This not only improves the convenience of starting a fire, but also adds to the room's decor, giving it a rustic charm. This design trend can be found in luxury homes throughout the city.

Increase the feature's size
Depending on the era in which the house was originally built, some lavish Ventura estates may include small fireplaces. If the feature is too small to be a significant source of heat, or add to the living area's interior design scheme, individuals may want to have theirs enlarged. This allows the fireplace to accommodate more wood, and serve as the visual center of the room.

Another good approach to improving an existing fireplace is enhancing its mantle. By choosing an ornate antique piece, or commissioning the construction of custom-made components, homeowners can personalize their feature's appearance to their liking. 

Transition to a gas fireplace
Fireplaces are thought to be attractive by many, and are often sough-after in the home buying process. However, they are not without their own complications - mainly transporting and burning firewood.

Those individuals who want to avoid such hassles may want to switch out their existing fireplace for one that runs on natural gas. These modern appliances are extremely customizable and require very little maintenance. What's even better, they can be controlled with the simple push of a button.