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Bringing creative environments into your Ventura home

13 Sep 2012 8:53 AM
Bringing creative environments into your Ventura home

For his day job, Ron Esposito designs environments for major clients like Disney and Le Grand Hotel in Paris. Over the years, he has travelled the world creating vibrant and lifelike settings for rides and attractions. It shouldn't be surprising to learn, then, that he takes great pride in making his own home in Hobson Heights as compelling and unique as possible.

The California native, who lives with interior designer Christine Simms, loves to think of ways to make his home stand out from the other luxury homes in the area. His passion for making interesting rooms and furniture combinations is sure to inspire fellow residents and provide ideas for turning an ordinary room into an entirely unique one.

One of the ways his job translates to his personal life is his pleasure at creating settings that have their own unique flavor and feeling, which he learned early in his career as an "Imagineer" for Disney.

"I fell in love with the craft," he told Ventana Monthly, a fine-living magazine in Ventura County. "I just loved creating these environments that were so realistic but also controlled."

His home, a 1925 Spanish Revival house, incorporates this philosophy. Many of his rooms are built around period themes and intricate schemes.

"I like the challenge of approaching something that has the bones, the structure, and taking it to the next level - taking something 'okay' and making it special. It's an obsession," he told the source.

This approach helped him turn his home into a place where guests could spend hours enjoying the intricacy and level of detail he lavished on the layout. He put a textured coating on the walls to create the illusion of adobe bricks, according to the source. He completed the Spanish vibe with simple furniture and tile floors.

Perhaps the influence of the work Esposito did while creating entire worlds at Disney is most apparent in the way the interior of his home segues into the outdoor environment.

"When I bought the house, it was kind of cluttered," he told the magazine. "The outside didn't really flow, and there was so much in the way. I just sort of made some adjustments, cleaned it up, and put in some simple things: a fountain, a gazebo, and some simple furniture."

Ventura residents may want to adopt a similar style to their own properties. Taking a creative approach to design - such as creating themed rooms or spaces that cascade into each other - can transform a property and make it a great place to entertain that feels like entering another world.