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Sonoma's Murphy-Goode Winery recognized for its quality blends, quirky vintner

28 Oct 2013
If there is one thing Sonoma is known for, it's wine. This historic city has long been one of the leading producers of fine wines on the West Coast, attracting hordes of oenophiles from near and far, as well as multiple celebrities, owners of luxury homes and successful business leaders.  And while the Sonoma Valley is just one of th Read More

Herbie Hancock visits Sonoma for memorable performance

10 Oct 2013
Due to the fact that California is home to many renowned concert halls and music venues, acclaimed artists can regularly be found performing throughout the Golden State. On the evening of Saturday, Sept. 28, legendary pianist and acclaimed composer Herbie Hancock put on a special show at Weill Hall and Lawn in Sonoma State University's Donald Read More