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Regional marketing effort may help draw new residents to Sonoma

24 Aug 2012 12:53 PM
Regional marketing effort may help draw new residents to Sonoma

Sonoma is home to a number of wineries, including the Buena Vista Winery and Ravenswood Winery. In fact, each Sonoma winery offers distinct flavors that have helped the city become one of the premier winemaking destinations in the United States.

A group of Sonoma County wine, grape and tourism organizations are taking advantage of the city's reputation in an effort to attract new residents to the community. The North Bay Business Journal reports that the aforementioned committee will launch a marketing campaign in fall 2012 to help draw a specific demographic - well-educated young professionals over the age of 30 - to Sonoma. The city's wineries and luxury homes are highlighted in the campaign, designed to help brand Sonoma as a unique spot for "adventure seekers" to call home.

"Through our brand essence work, we defined the character of Sonoma County as genuine, independent and adventurous," Honore Comfort, executive director of Sonoma County Vintners, told the North Bay Business Journal.

This program, called "We Are Sonoma County," will target a national audience. Nick Frey, president of the Sonoma County Winegrape Commission, told the North Bay Business Journal that the campaign is focused on the city's heritage as the birthplace of the wine industry.