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The perfect pairing: Finding the right wine glasses for your Sonoma home

30 May 2013 12:20 PM
The perfect pairing: Finding the right wine glasses for your Sonoma home

There are many benefits of moving to Wine Country - great scenery, an ideal climate, a culturally active community - but when many people buy a piece of Sonoma real estate, they have a clear goal in mind: to expand their wine horizons. Of course, this is not very surprising. Sonoma County is one of the most respected wine-producing regions in the world, not only for its favorable growing conditions but also due to the knowledgeable and enthusiastic community that permeates it. 

This wine-crazy fellowship tends to make people who are new to the area want to adapt their homes and lifestyles to wine appreciation. For many people, this can mean finding the perfect wine storage system. However, the pursuit doesn't have to be so extreme. To truly kick off their wine journeys, many Sonoma residents find that it is most important to take care of a few small things first - and picking the perfect glass is often first on their list.

Here are three options for picking the ideal wine glassware and for making the most of your home in Wine Country.

Stemming the tide
Many people spend all their time selecting the perfect wine to serve at a party. However, in some instances, the perfect vessel is just as - or more important - than its contents. According to Houzz, it is important to match your glasses with your purposes. If you are hoping to regularly host elegant parties with top-notch wine, the source recommends going with something that exudes class and is designed to perfectly capture the flavor of a stellar vintage. An option such as the Zalto Universal Glass set might be the ideal choice, as it marries tasteful design with expert craftsmanship. 

Tumbling down
However, for some people, a simple set of tumblers is an easier, trendier and equally appealing option. While this choice may seem to lack the prestige of traditional glasses, it is also a unique way to share great wine with friends, and the source assures readers that stemless tumblers are all the rage in Parisian wine bars. 

Half full, or less
Another trend in the wine world is to use extra-large glasses. According to The Wall Street Journal, nothing smaller than 20 ounces will do. This particular preference isn't so much about style as it is about substance - and it certainly isn't about super-sized pours. Bigger glasses help the wine breathe and allow drinkers to swirl the wine to unlock hidden flavors.