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Sonoma's Murphy-Goode Winery recognized for its quality blends, quirky vintner

28 Oct 2013 2:01 PM
Sonoma's Murphy-Goode Winery recognized for its quality blends, quirky vintner

If there is one thing Sonoma is known for, it's wine. This historic city has long been one of the leading producers of fine wines on the West Coast, attracting hordes of oenophiles from near and far, as well as multiple celebrities, owners of luxury homes and successful business leaders. 

And while the Sonoma Valley is just one of the regions in California known for producing high-end wines, its eclectic vineyards set it apart from other locations like Napa Valley and the Sierra Foothills. Here, residents and tourists alike can enjoy gaining insight into the winemaking process - as well as tasting exclusive blends - during visits to local businesses. 

However, not all vineyards are created equal. If you're looking to take an extended tour of the region, or if you currently live within Sonoma County, you should be sure to schedule a stop at the Murphy-Goode Winery, one of the most unique vineyards found within the area, as its vintner is one of the most distinguished and passionate winemakers around

David Ready Jr. grew up in Minnesota with dreams of being a musician. These aspirations eventually led him to the Golden State, where he joined the workforce at Murphy-Goode, which was co-founded by his father. In 1997, he started working as an assistant winemaker, and cut his teeth nurturing the vineyard's miles of grapevines and learning the secrets to perfecting its critically acclaimed wines. Since then, he has helped to craft new zinfandels and cabernet, as well as improve upon the winery's classic chardonnay. 

An upscale experience all around
While Ready Jr. may have a laid-back approach to making wine, the blends the vineyard routinely produces are serious business. The Terra a Lago cabernet sauvignon is defined its blackberry flavor and distinctive aromas, like bay and thyme. Meanwhile, the Minnesota Cuvée chardonnay offers drinkers a taste of flavors common in Ready Jr.'s native state - light and airy notes with hints of the white oak barrels used during fermentation. 

And, although visitors are drawn to the vineyard because of its wines, that's not the only thing they can enjoy while exploring this corner of Sonoma. Murphy-Goode also offers its patrons culinary creations like short ribs and rack of lamb during picnics, in addition to entertaining card and dice games in the cellar.

Interested in enjoying the vineyard's exclusive wines without having to leave your luxury real estate and make a special trip to California? You can join Murphy-Goode's growing wine list, which affords each of its members access to vintage labels and rare blends.