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3 ways to create the perfect wine storage system for your Sonoma home

26 Apr 2013 11:46 AM
3 ways to create the perfect wine storage system for your Sonoma home

Vineyard owners aren't the only residents in Sonoma County who maintain an extensive collection of wines. Whether they moved to the region with the express intention of becoming oenophiles or developed a taste for wine once they arrived, many owners of Sonoma real estate have impressive collections of high-quality wines. As a result, the art of designing the perfect wine cellar has become a much-discussed topic in the region.

The question of what to do with all those bottles of wine is an increasingly common one and, as such, there is a growing number of solutions. Everything from small pre-fabricated wine closets to entirely personalized and elaborate cellars are available. However, finding the best solution for your home depends on your specific circumstances, so it is important to evaluate your home and your wine collection before picking the perfect storage system.

Here are some things to consider before deciding on the right wine cellar for your home. 

Many residents of Wine Country enjoy displaying their wines but don't want their collections to overwhelm the rest of their home. In these situations, a simple, glass-fronted wine cabinet can be the perfect choice. Sleek, modular options such as the Nek Rite system made by Vin De Garde can help you organize and display your wines without sacrificing a lot of space or disrupting your home's layout. 

With pegs to hold the bottles and a frameless glass to enclose them, minimalist wine closets are an attractive and convenient option for many wine collectors.

Built-in wine racking
Some Sonoma residents might want a more ornate system for storing and displaying there wines. For these people, storage devices with built-in racks and wall-mounted shelves are an excellent option. Although they require more space than pre-made cabinets, they are also much more ideal for large and growing collections. Many people devote entire rooms to these systems, which allows them to create a more scalable option in which they can add more shelves as their collection increases. 

The traditional cellar
The cool, damp confines of a basement have historically been the wine storage option of choice, and this remains strong today. If you are a serious collector with thousands of precious bottles, you may want to have an entirely custom storage system built into your basement. Labor-intensive and costly, these solutions are not for everybody, but they can provide the perfect way to keep your bottles in perfect condition and displayed attractively.