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Try horseback riding in Sonoma County

25 Jul 2012 10:05 AM
Try horseback riding in Sonoma County

Horseback riding can be a fun activity for participants of all ages. Sonoma County gives riders the opportunity to show off their equestrian skills, as it features several stables available to locals.

You can find lessons or simply enjoy an adventurous trail ride by taking a trip to one of these places.

Apple Creek Stables
Apple Creek Stables offers clinics, programs and training to its patrons. The facility gives visitors the chance to learn with show champion horses in various disciplines, including Arabian Halter, English Pleasure and Native Costume. You'll have access to several skill levels of schooling horses, which makes it easy for newcomers to learn at a comfortable pace.

Chanslor Ranch
Visit Chanslor Ranch in Bodega Bay, as this equestrian establishment delivers a breathtaking view of the area. It is surrounded by some of the Golden State's finest beaches and over 10,000 acres of parks and protected space, and provides an excellent complement to the region's luxury homes. You'll be able to explore the area's wildlife on group and private rides at this destination.