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Sonoma's link to the past

25 Oct 2012 2:01 PM
Sonoma's link to the past

With today's HDTVs, streaming movies and other home-based entertainment offerings, it's easy to feel like the art of the live performance is on its way out. With such convenient options at home, some might not think to trek to a local establishment and watch artists perform their craft live. Luckily for owners of wine country real estate who enjoy getting their entertainment on a more intimate level, there are still some local venues that specialize in the classic form of live performances.

The golden age of radio
In fact, one recent addition to the Sonoma culture scene reaches quite far back. Murphy's Irish Pub, located at 464 1st Street East, has begun offering its patrons a chance to go back in time and experience the thrills, intrigue and laughs of old-time radio. By pairing a multi-course dinner and a live recreation of gems from the golden age of radio, the long-standing pub gives Sonoma residents something that few communities can boast.

Dubbed Murphy's Mellow-Drama series, these regular performances feature actors donning period garb and reenacting classic radio bits from shows like "Abbott and Costello" and "The Thin Man." Diners will surely love the chance to get transported to a different era, when radio shows formed the backbone of American entertainment.

For some Sonoma residents, the combination of comforting food and classic live entertainment could make for the perfect night. However, if you're not sure if old-time radio reenactment is your cup of tea, Murhpy's also offers live music that has been captivating audiences for years.

Classic bluegrass
Although there is a range of styles and performers available at Murphy's, one standout is the pub's bluegrass night featuring local performer and writer Larry Carlin. Like the Mellow-Drama series, Carlin reaches deep back into American history to provide guests the chance to experience a live art form that has, to some extent, faded from the American entertainment landscape.

With a rotating cast of supporting musicians, Carlin dives into a set of true Americana. Banjos, fiddles and expert harmonies circle each other as guests get the chance to watch seasoned performers bring bluegrass to life. Whether you are an experienced bluegrass fan or are new to the style, Carlin and his bandmates will help show you the intricacies and beauty of one of the country's truly original music styles.

Between classic radio performances and history-steeped music, Murphy's Irish Pub offers Sonoma residents something that few venues do - a chance to experience live entertainment from a bygone era.