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Sonoma Valley Shakespeare Company prepares for fall season

18 Oct 2012 2:12 PM
Sonoma Valley Shakespeare Company prepares for fall season

Theater is a vital component of any arts-promoting region. Live performances are great opportunities for residents to experience captivating drama, thrilling action and timeless tales. Some areas are lucky enough to have a local troupe dedicated to providing theater to residents, and Sonoma is one.

The Sonoma Valley Shakespeare Company (SVSC) has gained fans around the community for its willingness to tackle some of the most challenging and rewarding plays in the Western canon, including, of course, those penned by the Bard of Stratford-on-Avon himself. As it gets ready to kick off the fall season, the SVSC is putting the finishing touches on a few plays that are sure to excite many of the residents of the luxury homes in the area.

In addition to a couple Shakespeare mainstays - As You Like It and Julius Caesar - the troupe is also preparing Doctor Faustus, a play written by Christopher Marlowe, one of Shakespeare's contemporaries. The story follows a man who becomes increasingly desperate to understand the riddles of the universe and the extreme price he ultimately pays for such knowledge.

Directed by and starring decorated theater professionals, Doctor Faustus is likely to thrill viewers with its high drama and expert execution. The play will run through October - alternating nights with the two Shakespeare plays - so there are plenty of opportunities for Sonoma residents to catch a glimpse. There is even a special midnight production on October 27, which could add a new wrinkle to the pathos-driven, macabre story.

Not all communities have access to a production company as tenured and brazen as the SVSC, so local residents should feel glad they live in a community as dedicated to the arts as Sonoma Valley.