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Herbie Hancock visits Sonoma for memorable performance

10 Oct 2013 4:58 PM
Herbie Hancock visits Sonoma for memorable performance

Due to the fact that California is home to many renowned concert halls and music venues, acclaimed artists can regularly be found performing throughout the Golden State.

On the evening of Saturday, Sept. 28, legendary pianist and acclaimed composer Herbie Hancock put on a special show at Weill Hall and Lawn in Sonoma State University's Donald & Maureen Green Music Center, according to the Sonoma State Star. The event was attended by hundreds of music aficionados of all ages, with currently enrolled students enjoying the tunes alongside their professors and older attendees, as well as owners of lavish Sonoma County real estate.

During the performance, Hancock treated the crowd to renditions of his classic numbers, including "Chameleon," and used a multitude of different devices to create unique versions of his hits, as well as improvised jams, according to the local news source. Attached to his grand piano were four iPads, which he used to craft backing tracks and supporting sounds for his multi-hour performance. Seamlessly transitioning between spastic, funky numbers and smooth, refined styles, Hancock kept the audience on the edge of their seats all night.

"As a musician, I could really appreciate the incredible technique and style Hancock played with," Andrew Imani, a SSU student majoring in music, told the local news source. "Going from style to style and using technology made me see that Herbie respects music as a whole."