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'Delicious' new exhibit opens at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art

13 Sep 2013 5:15 PM
'Delicious' new exhibit opens at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art

In addition to its fantastic weather, laid back lifestyle and ample opportunities for luxurious recreation, California's Sonoma Valley is also highly regarded for its many local fine wines and upscale culinary scene. Now, a new exhibit at an area museum serves to highlight the region's exquisite offerings, through a multitude of mediums. 

The intimate show, titled "Delicious Images: Art About Food — Paintings and Works on Paper by Wayne Thiebaud and Joseph Goldyne," opened on September 7 at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, and will run until December 7. According to the museum, the exhibition features 22 drawings, paintings and prints which focus on the the more delectable parts of everyday life. Both artists have the ability to skillfully capture the essence and natural beauty of food, whether it be through a traditional still life or impressionist portrait.

The show has already logged impressive attendance numbers, drawing art collectors, gastronomic enthusiasts and owners of lavish Sonoma County real estate

"Sonoma Valley Museum of Art is especially grateful to Wayne Thiebaud and Joseph Goldyne for sharing their work and providing us with such an insightful exhibition," said Kate Eilertsen, executive director of the museum. "Unquestionably, these two artists are dedicated to making deeply satisfying works of art, whether of food or other subjects. Clearly, what drives both of them is the promise and challenge of a fulfilling image. Seen together, they elevate a common sandwich or cupcake to a masterpiece for musing."

Featured artists each boast storied careers
Enjoying a brief stint as an animator at Walt Disney studios, Thiebaud garnered recognition for his adept use of color, texture and light, as well as his expert sense of composition. Included in exhibitions with the likes of Andy Warhol and Roy Liechtenstein during the 1960s, his work has graced the walls of many of the Golden State's most well known galleries. Due to his success, Thiebaud was awarded the National Medal of Arts by President Clinton in 1994,  and has been profiled many times during his long career by the likes of The New York Times and CBS News. 

As one of the individuals credited with the rebirth of the monotype medium, Goldyne is another contemporary California artist who has received a substantial amount of praise for his body of work. Originally a medical student, he attended Harvard University to study fine art, and has been highly visible in the art world ever since, receiving adulation from the San Francisco Chronicle on occasion. His expert lithographs and monotypes entrance viewers, as the use of bright and dark hues create an incredibly realistic aesthetic.