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Sonoma luxury home owners increasingly outfitting bathrooms with high-tech features

20 May 2014 12:13 PM
Sonoma luxury home owners increasingly outfitting bathrooms with high-tech features

Thanks to the region's longstanding tradition of wine production and appreciation - as well as its favorable year-round weather and breathtaking scenery - luxury home owners living in Sonoma have come to expect the finer things in life. The affluent area of California is most often recognized for its location within the state's "wine country," however, it has recently been gaining attention because of its residents' high-end home improvements.

Lavish features and cutting-edge amenities are commonly found the most upscale manses and estates in Sonoma's real estate market, but increasingly, the most luxurious updates these homeowners have been making concern the bathroom. As one of the most-used living areas in a typical house, these spaces deserve special attention - and with the modern technologies currently available, a number of upscale design trends have since been identified.

If you're looking to enhance your home's existing bathrooms, incorporating any of the following high-tech features could substantially be to your benefit. 

Quality sound systems, Bluetooth capabilities
More often than not, these homeowners wish to transform their bathrooms into relaxing rooms in which they can escape the rigors and responsibilities of daily life, and simply concentrate on rest and rejuvenation. A great way to achieve this is through the installation of a state-of-the-art music system that provides quality sound throughout the space, as it can help individuals to feel at ease. Due to the many styles available, speakers can be placed virtually anywhere, or camouflaged as another object.

For instance, a wireless speaker system that also functions as a showerhead has significantly grown in popularity among luxury home owners, according to the Huffington Post. Using Bluetooth technology, individuals are able to listen to their favorite tunes while in the shower or enjoying a bath. 

Personal steam rooms, saunas
Another bathroom update that is favored among affluent homeowners is the creation of personal saunas and steam rooms. These features are standard at the finest spas and athletic facilities, and many of those who regularly visit such establishments desire to have the real thing in their own home. Boasting the ability to provide either a wet or dry heat, these features can offer a variety of healthy benefits. 

Drawing inspiration from the native flora of wine country, some Sonoma homeowners have personalized these amenities with natural wood and stone. The two materials typically create a calming effect that helps individuals feel more at one with nature - but can be further customized into more refined appearance, Houzz noted.

Sophisticated lighting schemes
While there is nothing like natural light, most bathrooms are built without many windows, in order to maximize the homeowners' privacy. However, a number of individuals have made improvements to this aspect of their bathrooms in an effort to further personalize them to their liking. Many choose to have skylights or solar tubes installed, while others enlarge their existing windows and add an opaque effect that lets light in but prevents prying eyes.

Another great option is the inclusion of high-end lighting schemes. Fiberoptic lights and attractive fixtures can disguise the feature's presence, and many contemporary options allow for remote control, enabling individuals to tailor the space's illumination from anywhere in the room - or house - HouseLogic reported. 

Radiant flooring, warming drawers
As many homeowners look to enhance the degree of comfort they enjoy while in their bathrooms, it comes as no surprise that many have had features such as radiant heating and warming drawers installed in recent years. Radiant flooring keeps the material underfoot at warm temperatures, ensuring no discomfort is felt while walking barefoot or stepping our of the shower. In the same vein, warming drawers keep towels and other objects cozy until individuals are ready to use them. Custom cabinetry can create an elegant appearance, and the modern technology can make certain that the materials are always at the optimum temperature.