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Sonoma homeowners incorporate high-end offerings into outdoor areas

13 Mar 2014 5:33 PM
Sonoma homeowners incorporate high-end offerings into outdoor areas

Although the start of spring doesn't guarantee an end to inclement winter weather in the Northeast, along the West Coast, the vernal equinox brings promises of warmer temperatures and more sunshine. Accordingly, many individuals in this region make improvements to their property's outdoor living areas in anticipation of spending more time outside and using them more often. 

And, within the state of California, many of the latest updates made to external residential spaces are with high-end luxury in mind. Affluent homeowners living in the historic city of Sonoma have recently incorporated cutting-edge technologies and attractive modern design schemes into their property's exterior offerings that significantly heighten the features' cosmetic appeal as well as increase its overall functionality. If you have been looking for ways to spruce up your Sonoma Valley home with a number of lavish upgrades, considering the following enhancements could substantially be to your benefit. 

High-tech projection system
What's better than enjoying a film with your friends and family underneath the stars on a warm night? This improvement allows you to host exciting, upscale social gatherings in your backyard, where your guests can enjoy their favorite television programs, movies and video games while outside, Digital Trends reported.

Having professionals set up the entertainment system can help you make certain it is well protected by the elements and camouflaged in a way that hides all evidence of its existence when not in use. This will ensure that you aren't faced with having unattractive equipment visible while your enjoying the space during daylight hours. This feature can be highlighted further with the strategic placement of aesthetically pleasing outdoor furniture, or with close placement near a pool, as you and your visitors could comfortably float while watching.

Cutting-edge audio setup
If you're looking for a great way to entertain your guests during the day, incorporating a high-end audio system into your home's outdoor living area might be your best bet. Whether the feature is hardwired to your home's speaker system or provides surround sound for the exterior space through a Bluetooth connection, this can allow you to enjoy your favorite music without the hassle of cords and adapters.

Additionally, instead of dealing with bulky and unsightly subwoofers, you can purchase a number of custom speakers that are designed to look like existing parts of the landscape, such as rocks and wood, among other items, Houzz noted. This can help you to better control the overall look of your patio, terrace, deck or pool area, while still including high-tech amenities that you can enjoy whether inside or out.

Extreme personalization
?As a luxury homeowner, you have likely gone to extreme lengths to customize almost every aspect of the property's interior living areas to your liking. This can also be done outside, as your external spaces offer endless opportunities for personalization. For instance, you can blend the indoors with the outdoors by using the same design scheme and color palate to create a strong sense of continuity throughout your home, or have a special graphic design added to the pool's lining depicting a stylish pattern or perhaps your family crest, according to HGTV

Additionally, you can also add attractive accents pieces - such as a marble fountain, stone waterfall or wrought-iron fire pit - in strategic areas in order to can enhance your appreciation of the entire area. Putting your personal touch on various features is a great way to enhance your house, as the overall property may serve to better impress your visitors and give them a greater sense of your individual style and preferences.