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Elegant beverage racks a staple in wine country real estate

25 Jun 2013 3:48 PM
Elegant beverage racks a staple in wine country real estate

As Sonoma is widely regarded as one of the best areas for wine production on the West Coast, it is of no surprise that many of the upscale residential properties found in the area include creative options for storing numerous bottles of the coveted drink.

Gone are the days of keeping your prized varieties locked away in a dark closet. Increasingly, wine enthusiasts have been incorporating their collections into the living spaces of their homes and displaying the eclectic mix of vintage labels and recent blends. If you are looking to update your Sonoma County real estate with an aesthetically pleasing wine rack, you may benefit from including one of the following tasteful options:

Off the walls
A number of attractive wall-mounted racks are available to consumers looking to stylishly display a few of their choice bottles. These can be constructed of fine natural materials such as cedar or mahogany, as well as from hand-blown glass and precious metals like copper and platinum.

Racks can be installed anywhere in your house, but may be best suited for areas like the formal dining room or study, as the wine's notes can be affected from substantial changes in temperature over time. 

Underneath staircases
Staircases are functional residential features that can significantly enhance the interior design of a property. However, a sizable amount of unused space is often found underneath the structure. In an attempt to maximize a house's efficient use of square footage, you may want to consider having a rack installed under the stairs. This option can be visually pleasing and also afford you security, as doors with locks can be included to protect your valuable blends. 

Racks can be built to your specifications, and could possibly hold hundreds of bottles. Additionally, incorporating a sophisticated lighting system will ensure your collection is always well-displayed for visitors and fellow aficionados. 

Freestanding features
If you favor convenience over security, you may want to forego storing wine in a locked cabinet and instead have a free-standing rack installed at a central location in your luxury real estate. Introducing unique racks into your kitchen island can afford you extreme accessibility while entertaining guests, and find a safe storage for multiple bottles, as they will be housed beneath protective granite or marble countertops.

While it is possible to purchase prefabricated options made of different materials and boasting intricate designs, working with a home construction professional to craft one that meets your needs and fits your living area may be the best approach to having a wine rack installed.