Ingeborg Hutzel

For accomplished real estate professional Inge Hutzel, there is nothing more rewarding than applying her vision and expertise in design, architecture and computer marketing to help her clients envision the possibilities for success. Inge not only helps her clients take the financial and functional aspects of a property into consideration, but also the visual and emotional. From her keen analysis and eye for detail from working in city planning departments and technology to her marketing savvy as a corporate executive and licensed appraiser, Inge brings a comprehensive level of experience and knowledge that gives her clients an advantage in this evolving market. A resident of the city of Sonoma, Inge is fully involved in many of the social, civic and cultural activities of this beautiful historic town. From paintings to sculpture, Inge is a true connoisseur of all types of art and an avid local art collector. A nature lover, she loves to hike the gorgeous Sonoma County trails. And with energy to spare, Inge enjoys biking around her gorgeous Sonoma community.